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Powering Servos


In the robot I am building, I will be using a rechargable 9V battery to provide power to a Panda/Domino, and 4xAA rechargeable batteries to power dual low vottage motors using a DC motor controller sold by GHI.

I will be using one servo, which I purchased from GHI. The “standard” servo.

Since I will be driving the Panda with an external power supply, I assume that I can plug the servo into a component shield, after rewiring it to conform to the component shield JST pinout.

Did I get the hardware right? :smiley:


It would be better to power the servo separately from domino if you have 2 power sources but it will work either way.


Servos will work on 5-6V. Do not go higher than that. IF you can, power them separately from your uC.


Chris that depends on the servo. I have some that are all the way up to 11 volts. Not likely the case here though.


He mentioned he is using the servo sold through TinyCLR.


Sorry i missed that.


5v is the standard voltage. If you would like more power (torque) you can go up to 6v.


I would definitely power the servo(s) from a different power source. I have found servos can cause a voltage drop which will make will trigger your microcontroller’s low voltage cutout.


Yes, I do this too. Since I always use a SSC32 controller, I feed the servos via a different power supply.


When working with servos I always try to have a seperate power supply, and its also important to make sure that all the powersupplies share a common ground.

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