Powering G120HDR Module

Hi, I have a 5Vdc source to power the G120HDR module, which power supply board can I use?

Is it possible to use the USB Client SP Module and connect the 5Vdc directly? Would it be safe if I connect the usb also?

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The module needs 3.3V, in which you can connect any of the “power module” (red module) to G120HDR then connect your 5V. Simplest way, a 5V phone charger.

Ok, I know thats obvious. But would it also be ok to connect the 5V to any 5v pin on the hdr and with a red module connected? The micro usb port should only be used for programming.

Mainly in the schematic of the USB Client SP Module there is no diod or something, so I think if I do that, I will do a short circuit?

You mean you want to use the 5V to power something, not to feed in 5V? Yes you can do that.

So feeding in to a 5v pin from a 5v source is not possible?

Would it be possible to use one of the red modules with 24vdc? and use the big CP7 display?

If you input a voltage other than 5v and 3v3 then you need to have that “transformed” into the lower voltages. The SP module just takes the 5v input from USB and transforms that to 3v3. The DP will take either the USB power or an external source of much higher voltage and produce 5v and 3v3.

The question on CP7 is slightly different. I don’t have one but reading the specs say that using a DP module should be fine, as long as your 24v source has sufficient current capacity. Note however that the DP module’s rating is 800mA, and the CP7 is rated as needing 700mA at 5v so you may still run into some issues (the Micrel 4680 used is rated to 1.3A I believe, and some of that capacity is fed into the 3v3 LDO thus reducing the overall current capability of the 5v line - but certainly seems the best option for you with the CP7).