Powering FEZ Spider module over socket 11?

Hi all,

For development I am powering FEZ Spider by means of the USB Client DP module.
For my production systems I don’t need this module and I have a dedicated module connected to socket 11.

My question is: can I use this socket (11) to power the FEZ Spider module as well?
Or should socket 1 always be used to power the module?


As far as I know, Socket 1 is the “USB debug” input socket. Otherwise, if you’re providing regulated 3v3 and 5v power to the board, any socket should be the same as any other; GND is always GND, 5v is always 5v, and 3v3 is always 3v3 no matter where on the board it’s exposed.

You can any ONE socket to power a mainboard.