Power to CH_PD on ESP8266 unloads USB drivers

Hello all.

About a week ago attempted to connect my new ESP8266 to my FEZ Spider. I am using socket 11 and using the COM1
located there. I am not using Gadgeteer, just plain netmf.

As soon as I connect power to the CH_PD line the USB drivers unload.
If I leave it float or connect to GND the USB drivers load ok, I can start the debugger however the 8266 is powered down and will not work.
I have stripped the device to only the 8266 module, nothing else is connected and still no luck.

Then, for some unknown reason it just began work fine. For the last few days I have made great progress in getting my little 8266 connected
to my wifi router and perform lots of transaction, all flawless. Then just as suddenly I am back in the same boat. No workie when power applied
to the CH_PD pin.

I have reloaded the tiny booter, reflashed to the current 4.3 and still no luck.
I have also tried other 8266 I have and all the same result.

I haven’t received my USB serial device yet so I cannot reflash the 8266 yet.

Does anyone have any idea how to track this down?


If you have an extra Arduino Uno or similar lying around, you can also use that to flash the ESP8266. I did that for a while before I picked up a dedicated dev board.

Not sure what has happened, but I acquired a Fez Spider 1.1 board and flashed to 4.3
and it works just fine.

Maybe I had damaged the original fez spider board and that was the problem.

thanks for the responses!

@ Dale Lyons - possibly you had a tight loop somewhere in your app. Did you try erasing it using FEZ Config?

Yes, I did complete loading/flashing and erasing.

I am almost positive it is these cheap Chinese breadboard leads I am using. They
are making intermittent contact to the GHI breakout board. I can cause the USB drivers
to unload by fiddling with them (very scientific I know)

I will search for some new debug gear. ANy suggestions for a good site?


I’m not sure I fully understand what you’re asking for but for the ESP8266 development I’ve done, I’ve found the Adafruit Huzzah board works the best. Steer clear of the cheap Chinese breakouts that come with some of the bulk packs on eBay.

Just looking for basic electronic debug gear like breadboards, wires etc.

Something that is good quality at a reasonable price.


I see the site you recommended looks pretty good. It’s shopping time!
thanks again