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Power supply requirements for CerbuinoBee + Cellular Module



I’m planning to deploy a sensor web hub constructed from a Cerbuino Bee and Cellular Module. But as this is being deployed to other peoples’ homes I’d like advice on the required power supply please.

The Cerb Bee takes 6v to 9V input.
The Cellular Module has a warning note of high power usage and a recommendation to use the USBClientDP.

The actual power consumption of the Cellular Module are listed as <1 @ 3.3 V, 100 @ 5 V mA which doesn’t appear high. The SIM900 docs though state a range of power consumption possibilities including 2A draw at peak transmission.

Can any one provide an authoritative recommendation for a power supply for this solution?

I’d normally use a 9v 600ma wall wart to power solutions.



I would set up your hardware and connect a larger PSU and the measure what it actually draws. Ideally run it for awhile and run through full sets of tests making sure you know exactly how much it needs at max and add some buffer rather than just trying to guess.