Power source?

Hi Guys
Would it be possible to power a SPider using a Blackberry USB charger?? output from it is 5v at .5A according to the info on the back, and it has a mini USB model number is PSM05R

I have run a Cobra off an Apple USB charger. Should work with a Spider.

interesting, i might give it a go later and see what happens.
On a seperate note anyone know how many LED modules can be daisy chaned before you run out of power?

The LED power will vary based on what color(s) and brightness you go with. In theory, you can just add more power as you add more LEDs (go with something in the 6V 1-2A range). Not sure what the absolute maximum would be. I’m betting you would hit the max DaisyLink number before power became an issue. For specifics, we’ll have to wait for a datasheet on that module.

If you really want a lot of blinky, I suggest going with one of the RGB strips offered by SparkFun or Adafruit. They can be cut to length, and powered separately. That way you’re not taxing the Spider’s current limits. For example, the 32 LED strip from SparkFun can take up to 1.8A when all on bright white.

Many thanks ransomhall. I had a kind of word clock project in mind but it would require around 100 led modules (which would also make it v expansive). I will probably end up using normal led’s

You can also go the multiplex route where you basically only light one LED at a time but you loop through them so fast that it appears they all light at once. That way you are only powering one at a time. Google “LED multiplexing” and you’ll find plenty of examples.

@ ianlee74

Wow, that looks complex but great results! I need to get my electronics skills up to par before i try this out :slight_smile: but many thanks for the inspiration.