Power.Shutdown for a long time causes an immediate restart

After an unknown event, the real-time circuit on the SCM20260N enters a state where it cannot sleep for more than a few minutes. Any larger time value for Power.Shutdown causes an immediate reset. The only solution is to reconnect the backup battery (CR20320) to the SCM20260N. I do not use pin PA0 in the application. PA0 is used for wake-up only. RTC is valid.

This works correctly:
Power.Shutdown(true, rtcC.Now.AddSeconds(10 * 60));

This causes an immediate reset.
Power.Shutdown(true, rtcC.Now.AddDays(1));

I also noticed the same behavior on the SCM20260D Dev Board Rev C, there I reconnected the entire SCM20260D module for correct operation.

How can I restart the real-time circuit without disconnecting the backup battery?

A little hack …

If the following does not work for you and causes an immediate awakening.

Power.Shutdown(true, DateTime.MaxValue); 

Setting the time to the near past will solve the problem.

Power.Shutdown(true, RtcController.GetDefault().Now.AddMinutes(-1));
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