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Power over Ethernet?


Any chance you would support power over Ethernet similar to the latest Arduino boards?

Gadgeteer: This would be easy - just an alternative to the Ethernet socket gadgeteer module with the necessary DC-DC converter on board.

FEZ Connect Shield: You could fit a different Ethernet socket (the current one does not bring the necessary cores out and ties them internally to ground with resistors) and just bring the cores out on pins or circuit board tabs so the power converter could be fitted externally. Alternatively it might be possible to change the layout of the components so a power converter daughter-board could be fitted in like the Arduino uses.


Architect from our community has already developed a PoE Gadgeteer module:

And you can use Power over Ethernet injector/splitter pair:


Architect’s board is exactly what I had in mind (except in red, of course!). No all we need is to be able to buy one! Should have searched that forum too. If we had a “route to market” I might be inspired to design some of these myself. The DaisyLink protocol looks very interesting …

And for the FEZ Connect, yes, of course there is always a way round things like this - it was just a suggestion with no particular down-side if you are ever revising the design.