Power modes and Watchdog

Hi GHI and all!

I come from Netduino and good trusty ol’ Cerb40 and recently started with G80 and TincyCLR OS which I love. I think you have done an amazingly good job GHI !! These things just keep bringing joy into my life!

I currently have a setup with two G80’s talking CAN and it’s working great. A couple of questions though: :slight_smile:

  1. Does any of the power/sleep modes work, eg PowerController.SetLevel?
    I’m getting exceptions nomatter what values I try setting.

  2. Is there a Watchdog similar to the GHI had in NETMF?
    I really loved the brutality of the old one!

The answer is yes to everything you asked but on TinyCLR 2.0. Stay tuned for major announcements and welcome to the community.

Sounds great thanks!
Out of courtesy I won’t ask as of when the 2.0 can be expected :slight_smile:

2.0 is done and it is in insider’s hands. So it will not be long.

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