Power Cords

I have been looking for a power cord to use with the USB Client DP Module:

I have tried a couple 12v power cords that I have around the house, but they are all less than 1A. Most of my build is working, except the LED Matrix(s) (when using a direct cord / not the USB cord), I guess because there is not enough amps. So the question is how many amps do I need, and is there a number that is too much?

I’ve been looking around on Amazon.com, seeing stuff with 1A, 5A, 6A. Is it ok to use a high amp number?

Also, I noticed the LED Matrix lights are just not that bright, will increasing the amps make them brighter?

@ Paul F. - regaurdless of the Amperage the power pack can deliver, the USBClientDualPower module only delivers up to 800mA.

[quote]3.3V Supply: 800mA
5V Supply: 800mA[/quote]

from the USB Client DP page http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/280


Make sure the power cord you are using is centre positive too. (not all are)