Power consumpition of GHI .Net Micro Controller cards

I’ve been combing the forum looking for reported measurements of power consumption for the various GHI controller cards but haven’t found much. it seems useful to collect whatever the community knows in one thread and maybe this will be it. If anyone has actual measurement values, not guesses or values off the data sheet, can you post them here? Something simple like

Raptor running = XXX mA at 12VDC into the power jack on a DUSB Client DP board


Raptor Deepsleep = ZZZ mA at 3.3V no 5VDC


G30 TH DeepSleep = YYY mA at 3.3VDC on VCC pin

I’m sure the values will vary depending on what your program is doing but it least it will give those of us working off batteries some idea of how many tons of batteries we’ll need. I’ll try to post some measurements off one of my Raptors next week.


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Hi Gene,

I did a bit of this a while ago’ but havent kept up with the latest software and hardware lately.

Here’s a few links that discuss the measurements made.


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@ hagster -

I"m copying the post here to try to get as much data in one thread as I can.

Looks like this was for a G120 HDR board measured between the USB-DP and the G120 board presumably on the 3.3VDC supply.


I have remeasured the power consumption on the G120 at various clock speeds.

Clock Speed…48MHz…60MHz…84MHz…96MHz…120MHz
Idle…64 mA…73 mA…90 mA…99 mA…115 mA
Work…87 mA…100 mA…123 mA…134 mA…158 mA
Deep Sleep…18 mA…18 mA…18 mA…18 mA…18 mA

It was the G120HDR board at 3.3v. I made a ribon cable with a spit in the 3.3v lead to go through a DVM.

I think some of those current measurements are in the G120 user manual now. Not sure if other boards have this in the documentation.

And for the FEZ Cerb40 II