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Power and WiFly


I’m still a little new to all this but am I right that the WiFly shield requires a 5v power source?

When connected to the PC via USB is it only ever 3.3v instead of 5v? How do I pull 5v off of the Domino as is, is there no way?

I have this board as well:

I’m assuming that given the statement:

“VCCIO is now tied to 3.3V through a solder jumper. You have the option of clearing this jumper and tying the VCCIO pin to 5V or any other IO voltage you need.”

I could just desolder the jumper as highlighted in the image and then pass the VCCIO to the 5v pin on the domino?


The WiFly from tinyCLR or from Sparkfun seem to be the same (RN-131G. And it only requires 3.3V. as of the Schematic

I think you should be OK.

For the FT232 Breakout board, that should be OK too, no need to modify anything.
They usually have 3V3 and 5V version. But the 3V3 version can be used with 5V.
I have 2 of those similar 3v3-FT232 breakout board, and use to do upload the sketch to 5V Arduino and have no problem at all. And I still use these 2 FT232 boards to do the Serial Com. on FEZ without any problem.


Yeh I originally got the board for serial deploy/debug so I could use the onboard USB client for streaming data.

On the power thing you’re right I got it working, seems I hooked something up wrong first time around, the LED now come up as expected :slight_smile: