Power and connect to Cerb40 via Virtual Com Port for < $3US!?!

Hey, has anyone seen or used this USB to TTL Converter?
It has 5v and 3.3v outputs.

I need to communicate between my Cerb40 and PC. Since the Cerb-Family doesn’t support USB Debugging + CDC, I’ll need another communications channel if I wish to debug my code. This module provides the TTL to USB conversion I need to expose a COM port on my Cerb40 as a virtual COM port via USB, but with the added bonus of also providing 3.3v! The site has other useful, reasonably priced items, assuming you can wait for shipping from Hong Kong. UPS 5 day is available for the impatient. I think it’s a useful source, so I thought I’d pass it along.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. It uses the CP2102 chipset, which is generally regarded as less awesome than the FTDI options, but is certainly significantly less expensive. For the cost, I think it’s a pretty good risk.

If you do get one and try it, be sure to report back on how it worked.

?IF? Oh, it’s ordered, along with a similar piece with horizontal pins for $1.60, looks like no wires come with it, and a similar cable for $2.10, which breaks out into individual wires but doesn’t look like it provides 3.3v. I’ll definitely let y’all know if I have any problems.

I have several CP2102’s and they’re awesomely cheap. They’re fine for allowing serial comms from a Fez - haven’t run debug over one but have used them on several boards for standard serial IO. They don’t have a lot of current capability but probably enough to run a board as long as you don’t want a display or lots of sensors.

Arrrggghhhh!!! Be aware, if ordering from ElectroDragon, it comes registered mail, so someone has to be HOME, or you get to wait until the post office opens on Monday. Grrrrrr. Oh well, PO opens in 8.5 hours…

Orders from Seeed come registered as well. I ended up waiting overnight for a package once…