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Possible new project idea: FezRap


Hi everyone,

I have been looking into making my own RepRap, but well while I can code C/C++ fairly well it is not my favorite language to code in (C# is for many untold reasons). So I have been trolling the 'NET for something to take the Arduinos place and the Domino looks like an excellent possiblity. My only question is has anyone connected an Extruder Controller board to a Domino? If so what issues have you had getting it to work?



Welcome! :slight_smile:

The Domino is an excellent board, although I don’t know if anyone has ever connected one to one of those extruder assemblies.

Do you have any examples (Datasheets, etc) of exactly what the Domino would be interfacing with? The RepRap wiki is a little unclear on some things.