Posion Tap

Since only ethernet emulation is required, would this also be possible if the software was implemented on the G120, or BBB module?

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We are all doomed! :open_mouth:


nobody is doomed. Don’t plug USB things in that you don’t know what they are or what they have on them. And observe reasonable physical security measures so someone can’t plug something in without you knowing.

The fact that it worked on the mac is the funny part. We already know that windows desktop won’t install any new USB devices unless someone is logged in. I don’t know about server actually.

I wonder if it would be possible to get the tool down into the size of an oversize flash drive. It’s easy enough if it’s a USB hard drive, but descresion is the key.

@ Brett - Well I was half joking. I am secure in my house and my pcs (I think he suggested concrete in the usb ports ;)) , but the population as a whole is not.

This is especially true in my country, where most government organizations prob don’t have such measures in place, as well as a lot of businesses.