Porting source code for FEZ Domino

Sorry if this is a old topic, but I cannot find related documentation discussing this.

I bought two FEZ Domino board, and plan to design my own board based on Domino by adding more peripherals. I found that the Microsoft gadgeteer only contains porting code for FEZSpider and FEZ Hydra.

Is the porting code for FEZ Domino open source? If so, where to get the source?

Thank you very much for your help in advance!

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Only the Hydra SDK and Gadgeteer are open source.

Gadgeteer does not run on the Domino.

If you use the GHI USBIZI chip in your design, you can use the GHI SDK. You do not need to do a port.

Hi Mike,

Thank you very much for your reply. If I use the GHI SDK, is it convenient to add peripherals or change peripheral drivers? In my work, I would like to change the Enthernet peripheral, and also add other peripherals. Can I develop the device drivers in application layer, through RLP?

Thanks very much.

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There is no Ethernet on domino. You can do a lot with RLP but not everything.

In general, you do not need to change the driver provided by GHI. So when you run in a specific case, we can explain how it can or can’t be done.

Hi Gus,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I found a open source project called FEZOpen in codePlex. Is it the porting code for Domino?

I also bought a Ethernet shield from GHI. But I will use a wireless module in my board.

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The Domino does not have enough internal resources for the IP stack, so getting wireless support would requiring use a wireless module like what is used in the Arduino WiFly shield. This module contains a radio, and IP stack. You control the module via SPI in managed code.

As far as the FEZ Open stuff, you might want to look at the “Beginners’ Guide to Porting .NET Micro Framework” in the Downloads & Tutorial section. I believe it discuss the FEZ Open stuff.

You can add wifi, you do not need fezopen or any source code. Digging into the code is far more complex that you think. Peek at the porting book Mike pointed out please.

Also, you will be using module with built in TCP/IP most likely so you are fine as far as resources.

Hi Gus and Mike,

Thank you very much for your help. I read the porting guide yesterday.

Now my understanding is that if I do not change a lot on my platform design, I do not need porting code. The reason is that some peripherals can even be controlled by RLP. After the system boot up, a RLP can be a piece of the most privileged code in CLR running in the system. Am I right?

For the wireless module, I will look more documents.

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You could use RLP, if you need real-time timings, but for most common peripherals C# will work fine.

If you use the USBIZI chip you will not need to do any porting. I can’t see how your design could differ enough to require custom porting. Maybe if you radically change the clock crystal?