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Porting NETMF 4.4 to an STM32F4


are you tried to deploy with .NET Micro Framework Deployment Tool 4.3 ??? (on .NET Micro 4.4)

try to download ( MicroFrameworkSDK.MSI) for 4.4


If BOOT0 and BOOT1 are tied low then my guess is your firmware isn’t right.

Is your xtal setting correct in platform?

Does anything show in device manager?


@Justin I don’t see anything in Device Manager under ports except for COM1 which is always there I think.

Boot1 and Boot0 are tied low. Crystal setting in the platform is set to 12 MHz. The data sheet says max clock cycle is 84 MHz so I put that for the first line.

// System clock
#define SYSTEM_CLOCK_HZ 84000000 // 84 MHz
#define SYSTEM_CYCLE_CLOCK_HZ 84000000 // 84 MHz
#define SYSTEM_APB1_CLOCK_HZ 42000000 // 42 MHz
#define SYSTEM_APB2_CLOCK_HZ 84000000 // 84 MHz
#define SYSTEM_CRYSTAL_CLOCK_HZ 12000000 // 12 MHz external clock
#define SLOW_CLOCKS_PER_SECOND 1000000 // 1 MHz
#define SUPPLY_VOLTAGE_MV 3300 // 3.3V supply

@valon_hoti_gmail_com I am using the .netmf 4.4 SDK . MFDeploy says it is version 2.0 (not sure which framework it is), I just downloaded it from Microsoft a few minutes ago.


@Justin @valon_hoti_gmail_com Do I need a specific MFDeploy for NETMF 4.4?


No, 4.3 or 4.4 will work.
Is com1 still on device manager of your board is not plugged in?
You need to try these things instead of making assumptions.


Yes COM1 is still there even after unplugging which is why I don’t think that’s it.

Maybe my MFDeploy is not version 4.3 or 4.4? If it says Version 2.0 in the “About” section, should I find a different one?


Dunno, having breakie so not at pc.
You don’t need to download it, use the one in the netmf 4.4 tools folder.


ya that was the wrong MFDeploy version. I did not know it came with the SDK. Trying with 4.3.1 MFDeploy now. Cross your fingies and toesies.


@Justin Damn it still isn’t showing up in MFDeploy 4.3.1


Send me your pcb and firmware files.


What do you mean by PCB files? Like the Altium layout?

Emailed you the link to the compiled and raw FW files. I can send you the layout/schematic if you want.


Yes, send Altium as well.


Ok sent it



Definitely no device showing up:


Let me check re-install the SDK and see if that changes anything.


Will having 4.3 SDK installed with 4.4 SDK cause problems?


it should appear something
even if you have not installed sdk (or it will start search for drivers or it will be recognised from WinUSB from MS)


PC fundamentals 101. If you disconnect the device, then connect it, and NOTHING changes in Device Manager, your hardware is at fault for sure…


Well I was able to connect in DFUSE and load the the FW so the hardware is powered and connected, it is most likely a FW error I was pretty clueless making it.


yep for you it’ll likely be the disjoint between required firmware settings and your hardware