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Porting NETMF 4.4 to an STM32F4


Weird it isn’t showing up anywhere…


Sorry I can’t help I don’t know why?


Are you sure there isn’t a driver I am supposed to install other than DFuse application? My board seems fine


This is from the DFUSE read me:

How to use

   1- Uninstall previous versions (Start-> Settings-> Control Panel-> Add or remove programs)

   2- run DfuSe setup.

   3- Install your device with the driver and the inf file, go to [Driver] directory
   4- Use it !

Step 3 mentions installing device with the driver and inf file AFTER installing DFUSE. I have not done step 3 and am not sure what exactly it is saying to do.


Short pins boot0 with 3.3v eith an jumper than after plug usb on pc.

After plugin it will start at dfu mode


So with the device unplugged:

  1. Power Device on
  2. Pull boot0 to 0V (PC13)
  3. Pull boot0 to 3.3V
  4. Plug into PC

boot0 is PC13 right?


Power off
Pullon boot0 on 3.3v
Power on


my boot0 is pulled up to 3.3V by default, button press pulls it to ground.


I don’t know how you created board

I just explain which pins should connect together to start dfu mode


Should be the other way round.



Try to coonect boot1 on gnd too and boot0 to 3.3v


The traditional way to play with a blank STM32F401RET6 is…

BOOT0 (Pin 60) - pulled low by defaut
BOOT1 (PB2 Pin 28) - pulled low by default
NRST - (Pin 7) - pulled high by default

To enter bootloader mode pull BOOT0 high and either power the board or reset then you will be in bootloader and the board will show up in ST tools.

PC13 is NOT BOOT0 - it is a pin that GHI has used to play nice with their ports.


Thank you @Justin. I was mixed up thinking Boot0/Boot1 were LDR0/LRD1.

Damn I did not know about pin 60 and pin 28…it is going to be a HUGE pain loading this FW on 200 boards lol…

Will try pulling those pins instead, will report back soon with the results.


Notice Pin 28 and Pin 60 in the table - 1. Requires a 10k pull down resistor


@Justin Yes I definitely know about the 10k pull down, just never knew what it was for.

…and we have a winner!! Successfully able to get it to come up in DFUSE!!! Thank you so much for the help! Now lets see if I can get the FW on…


FW successfully loaded…just gotta get deploy the error and config files then test my code. Do I use Visual Studio to deploy my code and debug once the error/config files are loaded with MFDeploy?


Error file???

And yes, no difference to G30 so deploy and debug with VS.

Once you have finished your app you can create a deployment file in mfdeploy then use mfdeploy to load all your other boards.


Sorry I meant ER_Flash and ER_Config…the ER put Error in my head.

I am not seeing any devices in MFDeploy. Should it be in bootloader mode for that part or not?


No, reboot with boot0 low


Ok I rebooted with Boot0 low but still nothing shows up in MFDeploy under USB

Nothing happens if I click deploy either (guessing because my device is not showing up)