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Porting NET MF to a computer processor?


Hi guys,
I’m more or less experienced in C#, but am rather new to the micro framework concept.

If I understand right net mf clr can be ‘installed’ onto arm7/arm9 microcontrollers ( which are kinda hard to get in my area ). So I was thinking, in theory, is it possible to somehow port a net mf program, together with the clr, onto a low-end computer processor, which are cheap, widely available and faster then the arm chips?

What do you think?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


The emulator that ships with NETMF already compiled for x86.


Even if it’s possible, why would you want to? If you’re working on an x86 processor, then you have access to the full framework, and you get JIT and the full BCL along with it.

The ARM processors are more than a CPU, as an x86 chip is. The USBizi chipset (used in the FEZ boards) is a CPU plus memory, flash storage, and a whole host of peripherals. It’s equivalent to an entire PC motherboard (and more, in many respects).

The micro framework is designed specifically to run on tiny, extremely low power (compared to an x86, for example) SOC (System-On-a-Chip) platform. It’s quite good at what it does.


Ouch, didn’t think about it. My fault. :-[ Thanks for the explanation.


And if you’re looking for a “minimal” install on an x86 system (or even een ARM based system, such as some of the linksys routers and nas solutions) you can always install a minimalistic Linux and Mono on top of that. (

That way you won’t have any license costs to deal with.


@ Roger1981
Just curious: what part of the world are you in?
ARM is normally everywhere.


[quote]Just curious: what part of the world are you in?
ARM is normally everywhere.[/quote]
Riga, Latvia, EU. Actually just found a warehouse in UK that has basically second-day delivery, so problems solved. :slight_smile:


@ Roger1981 Have you seen this:


no, not really. :slight_smile: