Populate Dropdown list on Glide with available Wifi networks

I am trying to populate a drop down list on the T43 screen with all of the available wifi networks. I am using a raptor, RS21, and T43 on NETMF4.3.I am scanning ok and can see the networks if I manually debug the specific numbers. I am having trouble with the code to populate the Glide.List with a for loop to add object from an array list. I cannot figure out how to run a for loop with the number of available networks and turn that into a dropdown list on the screen. Below is my code, which I know isn’t correct but will help demonstrate what I am trying to do.

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 if (scans != null && scans.Length > 0)
                /*ArrayList options = new ArrayList()
                    new object [2] {"SGW", scans[0].Ssid}


                ArrayList options = new ArrayList()
                    for (int i = 0; i < noofnetworks; i++)
                        new object [2] {scans[i].Ssid.ToString, scans[i].Ssid}

                list = new List(options, 150);

@ L1256937 - Will something like the below work?

var scans = wifi.Scan();
var options = new ArrayList();

if (scans.Length == 0)
	options.Add(new object[2] { "N/A", "N/A" });

foreach (var scan in scans)
	options.Add(new object[2] { scan.Ssid, scan.Ssid });

var list = new List(options, 150);

Worked great. Thanks!..now to connect to the one I want.

I am sure there will be more questions.

Thanks a ton.