Points view

When I look at the points that I have earned on the forum and the current balance, I feel that there is some sort of discrepancy.

I have an experience number of : 20,710
I have a points balance of : 2,334

Considering that I have only used my points to redeem for insider access 2 times (or 3) in the past, my total burn should be a max of : 7000 (or 10500). I am wondering where another 10K points went :slight_smile:

my aplogies to nit pick on this but I am currently working on a major Loyalty project, migrating 25 years of legacy to a newer system. Each day brings several things to light :slight_smile:

That said does GHI account the points as Liability ? You have a $$ value for these points as redemptions :slight_smile:

A simple report showing the total earn and the list of redemptions will be good.

@ Rajesh - For every time you have posted about my picture skills, I have been subtracting points from your account. :whistle:

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When we initially added points, we started everyone off with a low percentage of their experience. From that moment on, every experience point and point point ;D is earned at the same rate. Points are not associated with a dollar value. Insider access and discounts are simply point costs we feel are reasonable given the time it takes to earn each reward

@ Gary

I have about 2K points that I can use to harass you :slight_smile:

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@ Josh

Good to know.

I am surprised that you are not accounting the points as loyalty liability. You should consult with your accountant on the benefits of getting this into your book of accounts.

Every point earned goes into the activity log. Your first log is 8/24/2012 and all logs sum up to 8,594 points. This doesn’t include what you started with though.