Points issue [resolved]

From form the Seed thread in the Beta board.

What is the issue?

Are your 70 points an issue? :slight_smile:

Looks like everyones points have been reset to zero but rank has been maintained.

Old points are experience now. New points is something new. Check profile page.

It would be nice to get some sort of explanation about the change ahead of time. Otherwise, it looks like a bug.

Experience is shown.

so which of the two that matters most?
Experience or Points …yes yes yes I’m talking about the one to use to get the freebies…

so let me try and interpret this:
Experience: means if you get enough of it. GHI will be sending you a monthly check… kind of like an employee but you don’t have to do any work since you are already experienced…
Points: well if you get enough of them, hold on let me check my credit card reward plan… ahh yes here it is… 1000 = $1 US.
fine prints: the points can only be used to by a plane ticket to GHI headquarter and back… if you have any questions please consult your Credit Card company for more details on how to redeem your points. :slight_smile:

LOL… ok ok just messing around with you guys.

but yeah we would really appreciate an explanation.


Of what?

of what the difference between Exp and Points… and what is the new Intro (POINT) means now…

All points prior to a few days ago became Experience and everyone’s points were reset to zero.

The sum of experience and points now counts towards rank and rewards and is shown with each post.

As the technical difference between experience points and regular points involves quantum physics, I will restrain from a detailed explanation. :slight_smile:

Bowery guys, your rank and experience will not change and actually we made ranks easier to achieve.

As for the points. This is something completely new we are adding to give you guys some gifts. Details come later.

You do look like Slip/Leo!

Lol. This was suppose to be, no worries guys :slight_smile:


I thought you were making a reference to the Bowery Boys movies, which were popular in the 40s and 50s.

Here is a picture of Leo Gorcey, one of the stars of the movies.