PNG Support & Achievements/Awards in NETMF!

I’m really excited to announce the ability to unlock achievements, send private messages (PMs), create friendships, and managed profiles for free in NETMF!

With the latest product (Modified Universe/ModiVerse) you’ve got a single DLL that does it all for you. Plus all of the data is stored (and encrypted) on the Skewworks server so you don’t have to worry about it. 8)

Not only can you do all those lovely things with easy calls but you can also reward your users with two types of points.

There’s General Points (GP) that serve as status symbols and there’s also Skewworks Points (SP) which can be redeemed for actual goods! Each achievement can carry both GP and SP.

I’m currently accepting 25 alpha testers and I already have achievements for you to unlock while playing. Mid to advanced users only please; no hardware required everything works in the emulator. My MODder tag is Skewworks (obviously) if you want to friend/pm :wink:

Download now:
A PDF with additional details is included and please only create one user per developer.

So this is an API for your new social network service? Interesting

Pretty much. It’s a key part of Game Slate. Can’t have a game system without rewards, now can you? :slight_smile:


I’ll made one this weekend

So I didn’t get around to making the video this weekend…but I did add PNG support to NETMF. 8)

Currently only non-compressed PNGs are supported but I should have compressed support today or tomorrow.

Since NETMF can’t handle transparency I figured I’d have the option to paint onto an existing BMP or just grab an array of the pixels.

UPDATE: Compression is now supported as well. I just need to get transparency working and we’ll get a release out.