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Pluralsight have started doing hardware courses. First Arduino


I wonder if they’ll do a Gadgeteer one too!



I suggested it a while back. Supposedly, its in the works :slight_smile:


For those that want to vote :wink:



Definitely do and specifically mention Gadgeteer or they’ll just think it’s a vote for Arduino or RPi…

Also, I want to apologize for being mostly absent from the forum for the past month or so. However, I assure you there is something much more awesome than Pluralsight training in progress. I’ll be able to disclose the details in about a month. :smiley:


Been taking tease lessons from @ Gus, I see… :wink:


I like to think I make myself better by imitating those who have achieved what I wish to achieve :slight_smile:


You did drop a big hint in the voting area :wink:


I can say that I’m not doing something for PluralSight.


The plot thickens :wink:


awww go on give us a hint :wink:


If only you were an Insider :whistle:


Ok rub it in :slight_smile:


I just got an email notification from PluralSite that work on this course has begun :slight_smile:


Sweet! keep us posted.


I got another update that said it was ready…with a link to the intro to arduino course… We need to make a request limited to just a Gadgeteer course. I’ll do it tonight if someone doesn’t get to it before then. I think they only allow MVPs to teach. So, if one of you guys suggest it you might also get to teach it.


I added this request specifically for Gadgeteer. Please vote!

@ jasuk70 - Please add this link to the original post also so it doesn’t get overlooked. Thanks!






And in case you haven’t noticed, you can apply up to 3 votes. I recommend using 3 :wink:


3 votes