Please make TinyCLR Config utility supporting the command line creating app (*.tca file)

We have a continuous integration build system running on TeamCity to build firmware for every commit.
Because the Visual Studio build process doesn’t create the *.tca file for us, we have to resort to use AutoIt auto clicker to first debug the latest code onto the target board then opens the TinyCLR Config utility to create the app.

Unlike MFDeply, the TinyCLR Config doesn’t support any command line option and it doesn’t have any keyboard shortcut that can be used by auto clicker as a cue to make clicking simple. What make it even worse is the auto clicker has to select port every time and click the connect. All these make the CI a fragile process.

I understand directly building the tca file is difficult but could GHI at least provide command line options in the TinyCLR Config utility to select port and create app? This would make enterprise user much happier, at least I can keep recommending using GHI modules on new products.

Thank you!


I would 2nd that suggestion as well.

This is in our list!