Playing Wav files

Hi Gus,

Thanks for your answer in my question of playing MP3 formats. For now, I want to try to play Wav files from the SD card and then find a way to convert MP3 to wav format.

I notice that you wrote a code few years ago where the gadgeteer was able to play several wave files from the SD card. Your code is very helpful, but I can’t find the method which is in charge of play the music, this one:

static AnalogOut aout = new AnalogOut(AnalogOut.Pin.Aout0);
aout.Set(buffer, wav.GetDataIndex(), wav.GetDataSize(), wav.GetSampleRate());  //this is the method I cannot find in SDK 4.3

I guess that the method doesn’t exist anymore in the .NetMF 4.3 R5. Is any way to make a similar function?

Thanks in advance.

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The method wad moved and renamed. Please see analog output in this book

I know it is a draft and therefore many many typos, but …

(page 37)

Should be output, right?

@ mtylerjr - correct