Playing PCM from FEZ hydra

Does anyone know how to play raw PCM data from an SD card connected to the FEZ hydra through to the music shield v1.13 (offered by SeeedStudio) via SPI.
Is it possible to do this?

Should be similar to FEZ Music Shield. It uses SPI as well:

It also uses the VS1053 chip although its meant for the arduino family and im having trouble understanding their library. Can you please have a look at it and tell me how should i start going about the problem?

You should use these pins to instantiate FEZ driver

D15(A1) - Used for Data Require of VS1053.
D16(A2) - Used for Data Select of VS1053.
D17(A3) - Used for Chip Select of VS1053.

It should work.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll try and work on it now. If i encounter any problems i will inform you.

Thanks again

Since you are using Hydra you will need to use an extender module or Duino Proto. You will need to connect it to a S socket on hydra.
Gadgeteer music module uses the same chip. The source code for the driver is on the Codeplex site. I would look at that code instead.

I have the IDC cable connected to a single socket which is broken out . Is that fine?

Do you have the link for the source code on codeplex? Please give it to me if you do.


IDC cable is fine.

Here is the link to Music module source code:

So basically i can use the music module on the gadgeteer app in visual studio and use its functionality and connect the corresponding pins to the music shield ?

Yes you can even use designer to select Music module :).

besides the power and GND you will need to connect the following pins from your shiled to corresponding pins on the socket

D11 - Used for SPI MOSI.
D12 - Used for SPI MISO.
D13 - Used for SPI SCK.

D15(A1) - Used for Data Require of VS1053.
D16(A2) - Used for Data Select of VS1053.
D17(A3) - Used for Chip Select of VS1053.

For the first three check S socket pin description
For the last three check Music module driver code.

Thanks alot :smiley: much appreciated . I will fiddle with it now and let you know my progress .

Thanks again

You are welcome!


i tried to use the music module on the gadgeteer app and i connected the pins you told me to but it wasn’t working. I also tried it on the arduino uno and it worked fine. Any ideas on what i can do now? i basically need to send data to the music shield rather than it reading from the sd card.

How did you connect the pins?

i connected the music module to socket 3 and then i connected the pins from the music shield( to the corresponding pins of the music module.(

Can you give more details? What pin from shield goes to what pin on the socket?
How exactly did you test it?


socket 3 :
Pin 1: 3v
Pin 2: 5v —> 5v supply on the shield
Pin 3: VS_DREQ —> DREQ on the shield (D15(A1) - Used for Data Require of VS1053.)
Pin 4 : VS_XRESET —>XRESET on the shield (D14(A0) - Used for Reset of VS1053.)
Pin 5: VS_XDCS —>XDCS on the shield (D16(A2) - Used for Data Select of VS1053.)
Pin 6: VS_XDS —> XCS on the shield D17(A3) - Used for Chip Select of VS1053.
Pin 7: MOSI —>MOSI on the shield
Pin 8: MISO —>MISO on the shield
Pin 9: SCK —>SCK on the shield
Pin 10: GND —>GND on the shield

i tested it with the sine wave test. but the gadgeteer app isnt responding well. It keeps giving this error :

WARN: Total initialization time exceeds 10 seconds.
: ProgramStarted is blocking execution, which means events and timers will not run properly.
: Make sure not to use blocking code such as while(true) - use a GT.Timer instead.

That is a hint start a thread or use a timer don’t put your code in ProgramStarted.

I put the code in a thread…:frowning: still no luck