Playing audio on G-120


I am trying to find an example of playing audio on g-120 with 4.2 sdk.
the following example code does not compile:

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using Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware;
namespace change_this_to_your_namespace
   public class Program
      public static void Main()
         //Setup Analog on our first analog output channel
         AnalogOutput output = new AnalogOutput((Cpu.AnalogOutputChannel)Cpu.AnalogOutputChannel.ANALOG_OUTPUT_0);
         output.Scale = 3.3; //Set scale to maximum voltage offset
         output.Write(0.5); //Write half of the maximum

I actually can’t find the AnalogOutput type in this SDK.
I think it was in the Microsoft.SPOT namespace, but its not there anymore…



@ YoavG -
it is in Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware and you should add Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware in References

I have added it in References,
It seems that my version of .NET micro framework does not include the AnalogOut type…
I don’t see it on MSDN as well…

I am using .NET micro framework 4.2.

I was using an example code for FEZ I downloaded, in it the type was AnalogOut instead of AnalogOutput. I did not notice it till now.

Now does anyone have an example for playing a WAV file?

in the code I had GUS used :

static AnalogOut aout = new AnalogOut(AnalogOut.Pin.Aout0);

public static void PlayFile(string str)
            FileStream file = new FileStream("\\SD\\" + str + ".wav", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
            int length = file.Read(buffer, 0, buffer.Length);
            WAVE wav = new WAVE(buffer);
            aout.Set(buffer, wav.GetDataIndex(), wav.GetDataSize(), wav.GetSampleRate());

I have AnalogOutput instead of AnalogOut, it does not have a Set() method…

How do I play a WAV file?



There is a method in Util class:

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Thanks Architect, that’s what I was looking for.

You are welcome!

BTW, is there a way I could have gotten to this solution without the forum?
Am I missing a documentation resource?

It is in the API reference.

I got WAV playing on my cobra 2 board.
Recorded some speech on the PC and used a free converter to convert to WAV, 8bit, 8khz, mono.
Seems that the audio is played faster than it should.
I had to configure the Data rate parameter to around 6KHz to get it to play correctly.

I also opened the converted file on a hex editor to varify the WAV header. Seems fine.

Can this be a timing problem with GHI libs on the G120?
Can GHI team help to verify this?


What is the sample rate?

Hi Gus,

The WAV file is 8KHz, 8bit, Mono.

When I configured the Data Rate parameter to 8khz it made me sound like a chipmunk.
It started to sound correct when I lowered the Data rate to around 6KHz.

How can I attach the file?


We will investigate