Play simple video file using Raptor?

Hi everyone,
I am new to Gadgeteering and embedded development in general. I have searched without success for an example of how one might play a simple video using the NETMF . I am using a Raptor board with a T43 display and SD card for storage. Any hints or suggestions? I don’t need a fast frame rate, and I haven’t yet just tried to save the movie as a bunch of files on the SD card.

Thanks in advance!

Someone from GHI (I think it was Jeff) showed a video where he used a Raptor for video playback. If I remember right he used RLP to do so.
May be he can share the code for that?

@ andre.m - I’m sure it was a Raptor, and CP7 I think.
SO the one from Gus you are remembering is a different one I guess.

@ spletcher1 -
Like this :smiley:

I sayed Dat, didn’t I :whistle:
Jeff/Dat same/same :-[

Ever plan on sharing the RLP or is it just a tease?

If we ever get free time, we would love to build this into the firmware to make it easily accessible to everyone.


If you throw up the existing code some community members might help out. If fact there might be a member looking to try and do audio with the video (hence searching for the original).