Plasma speaker circuit

i need help building a plasma speaker that doesnt require IC chips like the newer designs with the 555 timer, sg3525 ect… or the old ones like the ionovac that used tubes.

i have plenty of capacitors resistor transistor diodes(of various types) mosfets rectifiers and regulators. i dont have many ic’s laying around. alot of people will also use the 555 timer ic but i deffinitely want to avoid those especially.

i looked up the old schematic for the ionovac but the problem with that is its so old it uses the old vac tubes instead of transistors. those tubes are very expensive when you can find them. im trying to keep this project simple in the sense of cheap(because i already have alot of components) and easily locatable parts (i dont want to have to order ic’s online, i know they are inexpensive also id like to keep it oldschool as possible with out going to a tube driven design)

if you could help id appreciate it, and sorry for my atrocious spelling^^

if anyone has schematics that’d be great.

also i dont mean to sound rude when i say this but dont tell me to google it. ive been trying to build this for 2 years and have tried many different types of circuits. ive been on google A LOT in the past 2 years ,stayed up many hours (up to 20+ on some days) working on this project. the only successes ive had is the royer/zvs driver and the 555 driver NON-audio modulated.


Maybe you should have binged it instead :slight_smile:

jokes aside welcome to the community :slight_smile: i’m sure someone will come through…