Planning to order G80 SoC from Mouser Electronics


Have used few FEZ Reaper boards for a project where the volume was very low.

Now i am building custom board on G80 SoC. My project Qty would be around 140 pcs.
For pilot production, about to order 25 pcs.

I am ordering some components with Mouser Electronics and found out G80 SoC is available with Mouser.
Would like to know if buying G80 Soc from GHI and Mouser carries the same warranty, support, etc.

Can i expect the same support from GHI Electronics, if i buy G80 SoC with Mouser ?


What you receive from GHI is the same no matter if you buy direct or through an authorized distributor like mouser.

@ Gus - Thanks for the clarification.