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PKStudio in 4.2 porting kit


If you haven’t tried new PKStudio that will come with porting kit - it is awesome! You need to get it from codeplex (it is not part of RTM).


It seems very nice to be open sourced and free doesnt it ?


It does indeed!


The image seems to show STM32 NETMF code from tinyclr. Hmmmmmm.


The new ST32F04 with 1Mb of Flash and 192 Kb of RAM, 168 Mhz seems pretty good…

It double the USBIZI specs…

Dunno about price…


Tinyclr is mf version of clr (part of the porting kit).


[quote]Tinyclr is mf version of clr (part of the porting kit).

LOL… I forgot that tinyclr was MS not GHI term.


Call me dumb, but exactly where does one download PK Studio?

I have a headache, and Codeplex isn’t being helpful… :frowning:


You are not alone. I had problems finding it too :slight_smile:

It is part of the community branch in the source code client_v4_2_comm


Working on the STM32F04 port for your Discovery board, hmm :wink:

Let me know if I can help, mine arrived a couple of days ago :slight_smile:


Indeed ;D. Something I wanted to try. Right now I am reading all the pk documentation and Gus’ porting guide. Going through pk source code for various targets, etc. Just trying to get comfortable with it.

We can create another thread in the “Off topic” forum and exchange progress/tips/questions.


Sounds like a plan. I wonder if the existing STM32 port will be useful?


It is a good reference point. What is the big difference between Cortex M3 and Cortex M4?


M4 is an M3 with an FPU and DSP tacked on. In some editions (dunno about the STM32 versions) the FPU is even optional, making it an M3 with a DSP.


Discuss thataway -->


The one in discovery kit has FPU.


@ Architect:
Start slowly. :slight_smile:
Yes, I can see the client_v4_2_comm “folder” when I browse the source. But Codeplex is REALLY BLOODY SLOW, and I can’t find PKStudio.

When I try to download the source then I get a “We’re sorry, but an error has occurred. We have been notified about the error.” message. Not very helpful… :frowning:

So in short. What are the EXACT steps for getting PKstudio?


I have downloaded the whole tree (all brunches). The solution for PKstudio is at:



Compiled version is in the tools/bin folder


But I had issues running compiled version, so used the solution