Pins PE0 and Above in Latest Firmware

Does the most recent 4.2 firmware not support PEx Pins? I have a modified STM32F4 board and was attempting to use the on board SPI Accelerometer (which is wired to PE3) But I found any reference to those pins cause an Exception

For instance even this will bomb - all pin mappings PD and below seem to work correctly

OutputPort Test = new OutputPort((Cpu.Pin)(4*16+0),false); //PE0 ON STM32F4 

You will need to modify the port gpio drivers of not using one of our boards.

Thanks for the reply Gus, as a beginner, I’m not following - is this a low level firmware change? If so is my best bet to put the old crystal back and use the Oberon discovery files?


if your processor is different than our processor then you need to make a change on the firmware, correct. GHI and Oberon use the same port by now.

This can be simple if you are familiar with porting kit, see the ebook under support.

Its the stm32f4 discovery board - isn’t that the same processor as Cerberus? (By modified I just meant the wiki documented crystal swap)

it is same processor with more pins, take a look at the chip on your board, probably the 100pin one and take a look at cerberus, 64pin.

I am sure others will appreciate your work if you make the changes needed to use all pin on discovery board

Gus - I completed and posted the accelerometer driver I was working on this past weekend - so just had a chance last night to look at the porting kit info, to confirm my understanding- I need to wait till GHI updates the codeplex site ( with the source for the latest (oberon+GHI based) firmware correct?

(Seems I can’t start with the oberon firmware since they require professional compilers which I do not own).

If this is correct - any estimate on when the site will be updated (assuming that one is where the code will be and not the gadgeteer site or the Oberon codeplex site…