Pins mapping

Hi to everyone!
Does anybody can help me to map
PWM_3, PWM_11, PWM_12
PWM_8, PWM_9, PWM_10, PWM_13
PWM_4, PWM_5, PWM_6, PWM_7
PWM_14, PWM_15
PWM_0, PWM_2
pins with schematic pins names: PA, PB and so on…

depends on which mainboard it is…

Sorry, i meant the Cerbuino Bee

@ Alex Bilityuk - The latest pre-release SDKs contain the pin mappings for all boards in GHI.Pins now.

@ John -
Thank you for reply. My project was written in previous sdk. Do you have a text version of this mappings? Can you share it?

@ Alex Bilityuk -The PWM channels exposed on the Cerbuino Bee are:

D0: PWM9
D1: PWM10
D5: PWM3
D6: PWM11
D9: PWM12
D11: PWM6
D12: PWM7
D13: PWM8
A0: PWM5
A2: PWM4

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Thank you John!!!