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Ping over ethernet to the FEZ cobra



how can i ping to FEZ cobra board from PC over ethernet



Just ping ?

Configure the IP address/DHCP using MFdeploy, connect to the network and ping teh Cobra IP from a PC.


according to this tutorial i assign a static ip to the FEZ cobra … do i need to configure same ip address in MF deploy also.



You must be using something like this

NI.EnableStaticIP("", "", "");

Could you check if the static IP, mask and Gateway address are appropriate for the network that your PC is on ?


You can set your ip from mfdeploy or code like Rajesh showed.


thanks all



Why can I ping with the cmd but not with the MFDeploy?
MFDeploy always says [quote]Pinging… Error: No response from device[/quote]



Does anybody know what I am doing wrong?

I cant debug with ethernet and I also cant ping with MFDeply. But I can ping with the CMD.
My Board has a static IP-adress and it is in the right subnet, because i can communicate over ethernet in my programm.



You have to set:

Configuration.DebugInterface.Set(Configuration.DebugInterface.Port.Sockets1, Configuration.DebugInterface.Port.USB1);

in order to deploy and debug over the network

(Josh, whats wrong with the code tags?)


It works now.


You’re welcome