Ping from within Domino


Afaik FEZ Domino does not support ICMP. Therefore, how am I able to ping some device by FEZ Domino?
I’m thinking about it because I am experiencing problems as Nicolas had before - Wiz810MJ deafness after several hours. I will try to use external power source instead of USB and in case it will not work, then I want to ping some http server periodically and if timeout occurs, it means that I have to invoke WIZnet_W5100.ReinitializeNetworking().

And to get sure: I have FEZ Domino + my shield (just few diodes, resistors, transistor array) + Wiz810MJ - is 12V/0.5A ok?

Also when I am using USB as a power source I get W5100 chip hot (~50-70*C I think, I have to take the finger away after few seconds); now when external power source is connected it seems to be a little cooler - but I don’t know if it’s not too warm though.


WIZ chips always appear to run hot - thats expected so don’t panic there.

Did you take a look at Nicolas’ project, as he now has a very stable codebase from what I remember of his discussion