Ping from Fez Panda II

Does anybody know how to let your micro framework ping to an other network device

cause I want to use ping to see If my server is alive
but I can’t add the reference (not included in micro framework)

I have implemented ICMP on an EMX board, but I think you will have problems on a Panda since the stack is in the W5100 chip.

The first thing to do is check the W5100 chip data sheet. I have looked at the data sheet and do not remember seeing a ping facility,but I often don’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday.

another solution would be to set up a simple udp echo server on the server, but again I don’t believe the w5100 supports udp. but, check the data sheet.

the last solution is to setup a top echo server. top does work :slight_smile:

btw, there is a separate library for socket support for W5100 based network solutions. check the support area on the top of the page under resources.