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Pin selection for fez panda and wifly breakout


I got the sparkfun wifly shield working great. but also got a breakout board as well for different situations. Does anyone have pin suggestions for hooking the wifly breakout board to the fez panda (or arduino for that matter).


Have you checked wiki or fezzer? I’m sure someone was having issues with this board, fixed it and posted the code! He was using a Domino I think (same pin outs if you use the Arduino compatibility.

Cheers Ian


This shows someone having success with a Uno. Beware of differences between Uno and Panda IO lines (voltage and current).


I finally go the shield working and it is working quite well. but now trying to figure out how to use the breakout board and how to wire it up to the fez panda and/or arduino (I have a bunch of each). I will check out fezzer and see what I can find.