Persons Post tracker

How about a Hyper-link attached to each persons name that simply lists all posts by that individual?


Hmm , but you can use the search function for this issue. :smiley:

Search - By user :wink:

Nope - I had asked this long back and we got the search by user function.

I would like to have the ability to leave the key word box blank, key in an user name and get all the posts of the user.

Why not just make it so that if you click on the persons name it will do that?

This is what I mean :slight_smile:

…only if we had another Josh!

Anyone wants to donate money to cover the cost of cloning Josh?


we can do it cheaper by ourself.

First we make a project

(link removed)

After creation , Gus has to provide some hair sample and mix the extracted DNA with some DNA of an octopus

And voila we have a Josh with 8 arms


Anyone wants to start?

I seriously made laugh so hard, I would be kicked out of this office for being so loud!


Yes!! Create a octojosh! Then we could also use him for predicting soccer scores with world cup 2018! :smiley:

Speaking of which, was that octopus ever wrong?

I just got of the floor - tears in my eye


Where is the laughing and rolling on the floor emoticon ???

I believe not. octoJosh is never wrong too, so that’s fine I guess :smiley: