Personal message

Hi, I cannot find a way to send a personal message to another forum member.
Many other forums have this capability. I think it would be a nice feature.

Cu, Wim.


+1 :stuck_out_tongue:


+1 if it is possible to turn it on or off in the personal profile.

This was a problem in old forum for us since a lot of users would just send the GHI guys support questions privately thinking they will get a faster response…they do not know we are always here :slight_smile: The point from public support is that everyone can learn from answers and can help with their own experience if they can.

It should be customizable. That way you can disable it for all GHI accounts.

A lot of forums have the option disabled to send messages to administrators.
That feature could be used here.

Combine it with a nice message like “We do our outmost best to help you, but please post a topic and will try our best to help you. If you wish you can contact us by email.” (or what ever)

And you are done ;D

+1 8)

Yes it should be configurable “on” and “off” for everybody.

We’ve been asking for this for a year now… Members would really like a way to be able to send each other a message.

There is the option in the current user profile to turn off just about everything in the profile (which is great), shouldn’t PM or Email be exactly the same?

Yeah, I gotta agree on this. I have proposed this many times. There any many, many times when it simply is not appropriate to post stuff in a public forum, especially unsolicited questions. At least allow an option to expose email.

The web department will get a solution for this setup soon.

I know this is not the same topic, but related and does not warrant a separate thread - The other feature I miss is a list of users and current rank. I liked being able to see who had been around for a long time at a single glance. It must have been removed for a reason, but I liked it. :wink:

^^^ Yeah, Mark and I noticed that too. I wasn’t sure if it was removed due to the inherent security issues with showing the contents of an entire table…

Lets get this going please.
There are times when i may want to ask a member if they want to do a side job. For me to openly ask for his contact e-mail or give mine so we can talk is not a good idea in an open forum.

In the meantime… those of us who don’t mind being contacted directly can always post contact info in the forum profile. Several already have. There is plenty of stuff going on between members outside these ‘walls’…

Sometimes friendships can form from a forum - but you need to connect first. It is really awkward to try and exchange personal details here without attracting spambots in the process.

My suggestion would be to add a public identity to your profile - e.g. Twitter or a blog.

It will be first prize to have some PM abilities here.

Few of us are already connected with each other through google+ maybe you could also connect and use that to send pm’s

still most forums have PM. IF they don’t want to be bothered they can just disable it. Or not even bother to reply back to the sender.
Personally, i cannot stand Twitter so that is not an option for me :wink: