PersistentStorage class gone?

I have installed all packages described on but i can find the Assembly with the PersistentStorage class. I have searched this page aswell.

Has this class been changed and where does it reside now?


I found an FlashTest example so i just wanted to copy the functionality of the code…
So i need to:
Mount/Unmount SDCard
Autodetect when card are Ejected or Inserted
Read the card info

But guess i need to make it myself from start, because many samples er outdated then.

Okay think i have something that should work only question is the sample says this in the comment:
//Make sure to set the pin to your sd card detect pin.
private static InputPort sdCardDetect = new InputPort(Cpu.Pin.GPIO_NONE, false, Port.ResistorMode.Disabled);
I have a Spider II board and a GHI SD Card Module but cant see anywhere what the sd card detect pin is correct or it should be changed?

@ janfl - The card detect pin is on pin 3 of the Gadgeteer SD card module. You can use our pins library to figure out which pin you need: GHI.Pins.FEZSpiderII.SocketX.Pin3 and pass that to your InputPort/InterruptPort. Make sure to update SocketX to whichever socket you have the SD card module connected.

So the SD_CD on this page [url][/url] under socket means SD Card Detect. Do you have a list of all you shortcodes online?

@ janfl - Correct. We do not have such a list at this time.