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PermanentUserKey not working


Not supported on ChipworkX…


Thanks bad… now I have to figure out how to store a serial number.

We are porting the EMX code on to ChipX. And EMX had it


Connect any simple eeprom. I am sure there are drivers already available here


Maybe EWR


EXR was not reliable on 4.0. So I am not sure.

Was anything improved on 4.1


EWR should work well for small settings… Since you just need a key, it should work fine.
EWR had problems because developers used it extensively as a general area to store data, but in your case it should be fine.


Since I cannot use Battery back RAM in ChipX. I want to use to store all my settings.

There are around 80 values that has to be stored.

What I have seen is. At some power ups the EWR re-initlilizes and all settings are lost


I don’t think there are problems with EWR. Try it on 4.1 and use Microsoft SDK’s example as guide…