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Performance Monitor


Is there a performance monitor type tool for FEZ (Panda-II) that can be used to view real-time CPU & memory usage?


For memory, free = Debug.GC(true/false);
Fro CPU, there isn’t anything built in currently but surely will be nice to see something.


So, there’s no visual tools like we have for a PC. I suppose the real challenge with NETMF is how do you capture the data w/o significantly impacting the processor/memory you’re trying to measure. Perhaps a set of additional headers that operate outside of NETMF would be useful for this. Then a multimeter could be used to measure a voltage proportional to memory & CPU usage. Add that to my Panda-III wish list.


Not a bad idea! GHI can provide an API to enable a pin to go low when system is idle then you can use a scope to see the pin activity maybe. But this may look even more confusing on a scope!

I will pass this on to our experts


Hmm, a pin that goes low during idle?

Add a low pass filer(resistor and cap) and you have an analog voltage relating to CPU activity.

Connect an ADC to that and you can measure it… Hmmm. :slight_smile: