Peer Review Of PCB design

They look good. Hope it all works first time. Look forward to an update when you have then built.

Here’s an album of some assembly photos:

Reflow oven worked very well, I misplaced one 0603 cap and had to fix it with an iron…not too bad. The FFC for the LCD was soldered manually and a bit of a pain, but finally got it. I wonder if I could reflow the bottom parts after I reflow the top? I would think not…


Lubbly Jubbly :slight_smile:

Nothing like the satisfaction of a build so well done :clap:

Yes you can reflow the second side - you will be amazed on how much stiction the parts have when when relowing…but in future to make it easier try to keep the heavier parts all on the second side to cook - personally i have down lots of double sided boards and never used glue.

Nice work and it works too as I can see from the last image.

For the LCD connector I got myself tacky flux and use this to flood solder the pins. It works great every time with the 40 pin 0.5mm pitch connectors I use. I even use the same technique to the SODIMM sockets when I hand build the G400D based designs.

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I use the same trick as @ TheScottishDude - works a treat on 0.5mm pitch QFP’s as well.

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And on the G120 too. Same for the SIM5320 modules with the same castellated pins.

A squirt of flux cleaner and your board looks good. :slight_smile: