@ Gralin

Pebble = small rock
Boulder = huge rock

@ Architect, got it - thanks!

They ported NETMF to MSP430 and are running it on the watch? :slight_smile:

Non-32bit electronics is not allowed on GHI premises. :slight_smile:

Yep, even daisylink modules use 32bit :slight_smile:

They are sold out! You can only pledge $1 now.

Here is another one for you Mike :wink:

@ Architect -

Thanks for info…

These types of watches are not what I consider to be “serious”. :slight_smile:

While I do have a few quartz Swatch watches, my passion focuses on mechanical watches.

Starts shipping tomorrow! :smiley:

Great! I wonder how long it is going to take to get through the backlog… 68,000+ watches.

Just curious, all of you who ordered - by show of hands how many of you are actually wearing a watch now, and how many are just using their cell-phones, like the rest of us? :slight_smile:

Isn’t it just about impressing the girls in the pub? :smiley:

I don’t currently wear a watch, no. But its not to impress, since I so infrequently visit a pub :slight_smile:

@ Brett - Now ask @ harleudk if he knows what a Schooner is :smiley:

I wear a watch all the time. I only use my cell phone clock to occasionally check accuracy of my watches.

Mine is shipped! Got the tracking number!

I chose Orange, mine is still a ways off I fear.

I went with stock black. I’ll post a picture to cheer you up. :wink:

… or, you could NOT post the picture and I’d be equally ambivalent and perhaps even less malevolent !


Some of the other guys in the local hackerspace that I joined in on the group buy for, who opted for Black, have had tracking details for a week or so. I haven’t heard if they’ve arrived here or not :slight_smile:

I have had mine for almost two weeks. great potential, but no SDK yet, and they have not opened their App Store.

Today they arrived in AU. Except the Orange or Red orders (half our batch).