You might want to check into a 12-step program. :wink:

I already belong to two! :smiley:

I put my name down for one but ended up buying a new graphics card for my PC so took it off again. (I don’t think they’ll miss my order :wink: )

It doesn’t support windows phone anyway so it would have been a bit pointless at the moment.


My estimate was also incorrect, It’s 13 days to go and 8.6M $ already :slight_smile:

While we are on the subject of watches…

One of my passions is wristwatches. Watches are the perfect merger of technology and art.
I have a small serious collection.

Anyone else into watches?

now it becomes evident why the two 12-step programs were necessary, and probably still inadequate :slight_smile:

Watches no, Fezzes on the other hand…

I like clocks. I have several kits from adafruit. I am also working on wooden clock.

I had written a reply to this awhile ago, but due to web technology, my posting was lost before I could complete and post it, so let me write it again. These guys might be in a world of trouble and let me explain why, they went with an idea of a starting run of x watches, a chance to work out the bugs, smooth out the process and line up and organize their suppliers, and you like a small run to do this to minimize the risk, but now they haven’t got that luxury and their first run is going to be a beast and they better get it right as the microscope is on and customer expectations are high. Now their suppliers etc also know that these guys have to swing for the fence and I’ll bet their costs reflect that urgency as they are likely higher then they would have been for an initial ‘lets be friends’ run. Toss in many of these first run sales I suspect were actually desired in the second and onward run where the process has been figured out and the price adjusted accordingly (likely higher) these first round sales are likely to drop their future revenue. Lastly the smell of money is about and the Vulture Capitalists are in the air and a product they thought they could ramp up over time themselves is gone and now I bet they have VCs everywhere telling them that its too big for them to handle and are pushing their way in the door (an even worst kind of VC). This might have gone from being a nice little dream to a great big nightmare. I wish them all the luck in the world and I hope this works out for them and they avoid all the potential problems.

They do run the first proto batch in August of 100 watches only.This should give them some idea of any problems before they’ll do main monster batch.

They’re close to 9 million dollars now, I think they’ll have to make Pebbles for the rest of their lives :slight_smile:

Just got an update. They will only do up to 85000 watches through KickStarter. Right now they got backers for 75000.
By the way Pebble will support Bluetooth 4.0.

just ordered mine…
so excited :slight_smile:

Oh-oh. You almost pushed it over $10M mark! ($9,968,417). :slight_smile:

10M $ and counting :slight_smile:

Wow! +50K in one hour!

I think that from some point people started supporting (buying) pebble just because so many people alredy did. Just like Apple products :wink: Nevertheless I would also buy one if i could afford :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s only cool when not everyone has one. Donations should have started at $500 LOL

Im pretty sure ill be the only one at work owning one :slight_smile:

Those dudes at work will be so jealous :slight_smile:
Too ba I have to wait till september…

I heard a rumor that GHI has a secret project called “Boulder”. What could it be about? :slight_smile:

I didn’t know if “Boulder” means anything in english so i google it up and i found this… related to Gadgeteer ? :wink: