Its like deja vu all over again.


That’s really a smart idea.

Wow, the amount of money raised is phenomenal! Here is the project i am backing - OpenBeam

Insane! It wa 1.5M when i was at work and now when i look at it at home its 2.0M :o

Almost unreal. But, I must admit it’s a cool product.

Yeah, I wonder how hackable this is to work with a Fez and BT module. The Sydney hackerspace is going to buy a distributor bundle I think, and I think I will opt in to that (don’t have an andriod or apple phone so gadgeteer is my only option :slight_smile: )

Looks like this one will be the most funded project

Yes, there is only one project left to beat - the current leader from march

Wanna guess what the final number will be?

No, because it’s likely to exceed our expectations as well as theirs :slight_smile:

They have a while to run, and a lot of cash waiting for them. It’s obvious when a good idea is born that it’ll do well, and this is one of those. Now if only there was a way we could be sure about Fez support ! Oh well, I guess I will just have to wait until September :slight_smile:

Considering they only had a goal of $100,000 I’d say theirs have already been exceeded and the party has already begun!

I’ll go with $4.5M

I must admit that this thread and the pebbles kickstarter site made me google up what else is available out there. I think that smartwatches will be a great hit this chrismas :wink: Did you guys see those:

I’m Watch

Sony SmartWatch

I have found this comparison:


[ulist]Huge SUPPORT on Kickstarter with 20k+ yays, and $2.8M pledged as of the time of this post
Multiple watchface designs AND apps built through a well-made SDK
Feedback from design team on Facebook and Kickstarter
WATERPROOFED, stated in product updates
ePaper display, sunlight happy
Use with Androids AND iPhones (another watch for BB has already dropped)
Native support for ANY 22mm watchband[/ulist]


[ulist]Small 0.3" color display has BAD screen door effect and BAD in sunlight
POOR customer support, UNKNOWLEDGEABLE sales staff
LOCKED GUI, currently
ONE watchface design
ONLY "splashproof"
Clips onto watchbands, needs ADAPTER for alternates
Android ONLY[/ulist]

Right now they will have to make 24.000+ watches and the current donation rate is 100-200$/min which leads to the end result of aprox. 8M $ !!

It’s 19 days to go and they just brok 7M :slight_smile:

Looks like your estimate is very close

Wow… I expected all the gadget junkies to jump in fast and then it to die off. They’re going to have quite a task fulfilling that order in a timely manner.

I only ordered two