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PCB underwear


Sorry, I had to post this :o

Edit: Image is removed to protect Gus’s eye vision. ;D


Oh my eyes…it hurts…it hurts…I wish I didn’t see this!!! :o


Some girl from one of my Google+ circles posted it ;D


A [edit - dude] in pcb underwear??? Did it light up? :o




That is the problem. It was not a girl. :frowning:


You can put it back and I will close my eyes :slight_smile:

  • for family guy reference

Gus, do you keep a monkey as a pet or something?


You do not know? My monkey, named FEZ, is the one who invented all FEZ boards :slight_smile: His picture is here


Like as in a real monkey? What kind ? Got Pics?


I was kidding


why is the fez minkey not wearing pants?


Mike got a new cool bunny I see :slight_smile:


Yeah, they run forever! :smiley:


Here is the link to the original picture:


Crap, why did i have to look at that link, now i have to wash my eyes ;(

Why oh why could they have not used a girl for that, geez…


I’m BLIND!!!.. my eyes!!!.. well at least they weren’t Red PCBs… CPU would of self destroyed.


Yeah, red pcb with gold finish!!!