PC/Mac communicating FEZ Hydra, how?

Suppose I have a hardware product based on Hydra (or other .net Gadgeteer boards), after I ship the product to a customer I want to also ship with it a software program that run on Windows PC/Mac to communicate with the Hydra board, for example, check status, or even change states (upload a script to the Hydra board). Actually I think as long as the Hydra board can store the script to an SD card, it will be sufficient. In other words, I am not looking for re-writing the EPROM, just sending data to the board from a computer through a USB cable?

Is this possible?

Look at tutorial for USB Client information. You can configure the board to appear to the PC as a serial port. You can then write a program for the PC, or use any terminal program that supports serial ports.

***** Oooops. Not sure that USB client is supported in Hydra OSHW firmware, but the premium library does.

Add this and you are good to go http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/287

Thanks, Mike and Gus. I was a bit confused by the tutorial since all the code samples were using Premier Library, not OSH lib. The software part is easier to figure out so I think I will be fine.

On to the hardware part, the addition of a new Serial-USB Module is simply to allow PC connecting to the board for debugging at the same time, but not necessary during production run time? When the customer is using the final product at run time, they only need the default USB client port, correct?

Thank you!

If you need to transfer data over USB then you need spider or take the OSH code for hydra and add the feature. Will be great if contribute the feature to community as well.