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Parallax Compass Project


Can anyone tell me where to locate the project done with the Parallax compass and the FEZ Domino? I have tried to look at each tinyclr web page, but I am either overlooking it or in the wrong place.

The FEZ and the new math library are fantastic.!!

bdrew7 :):slight_smile:


You can place it at the projects page.

(link removed)

Good luck!


Are you looking for someone who has completed the code to talk to it already? Or are you looking to post a compass based project? I has because I plan on coding for the HMC6352 you can get from parallax i just haven’t gotten to that point.


Is this what you guys are looking for? (link removed)


Well cool that saves me time :>


Thanks everyone. This will save alot of my time also! :slight_smile:


Hey bdrew - let me know how the compass project works out for you.

That was my first project I uploaded to the project site.
I plan on using it with some other software I am writing now for robot control via WiFi.



Thanks for the code. I have ordered the compasses from Parallax. Any thoughts on calibration? I will be working on calibration, when I get my compasses.



from previous experience with it make sure you calibrate with all electronics you will be running on it. In the last build i used mine in motor noise was a issue i had to mount it away from the chassis. The calibration routine should be simple to code you send a command then run through the turning in circle twice in 10 seconds i think. In the long run i had it 8" away from the motors and had to write a delay in the reading. that was with the basic stamp and propeller so the delay may not be needed with FEZ.


Well, I think the device was pre-calibrated at the factory.

I didn’t go through calibration on mine as I tested it with another compass for comparison and it was right on the money.

But, let me know how your’s goes. I have the RP-5 robot base and drove it around with the compass sending data. With and without the motors running I got the same reading.

Right now I am controlling my robot base with a WiFly device and my own software. I use TeraTerm to send commands (f55 - Forward 55%, r40 - Right Turn 40%, etc). It works great controlling it from my WiFi network and PC. I am in the process of writing a function (h125 - turn to a heading of 123 deg) or whatever heading that is entered.